created by Michael Cumella

My iPhonograph kit converts your iPhone
into a simulated 100 year old crank-up record player.

WATCH as the disc and cylinder records play on ORIGINAL period crank-up talking machines.
LISTEN to the sound from the metal horn which transforms and maximizes the amplification of the iPhone speaker into a sound that could be over a hundred years old.
EXPERIENCE the delightful iPhonograph.
COMING SOON as an iPhone app!

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The limited frequency of the iPhone speaker FAITHFULLY reproduces the sounds of antique recordings to the extent that one cannot hear the difference.

The iPhonograph will ALSO reproduce ANY music from your iPhone with no additional hardware!

Four easy steps ...

Transfer video to your iPhone
Sync your iPhone
Connect horn to device
Select a video and enjoy your iPhonograph

My iPhonograph kit comes with everything you
need to get started immediately, including ten songs.

Bring your 21st century device BACK 100 years with the iPhonograph!

Purchase with PayPal:

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