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How does the iPhonograph work?

The iPhonograph simply uses the sound from the internal device speaker and the conical horn amplifies it. This is the way sound was reproduced from the 1890's until about 1925.

What comes with my iPhonograph?

You will receive a box containing the conical speaker with silicone conduit ready to be attached to your iPhone, a DVD containing the phonograph videos and a simple instruction sheet.

Does the iPhonograph require batteries or additional power?

No, it uses NO POWER.

Where did you get the videos of these beautiful machines?

They are all part of my collection. I have been doing a radio show and exhibitions about this period of music for over 15 years and have chosen the best material for this project.

Can I play other songs or videos with my iPhonograph kit?

Yes! Any songs or videos in your library will work with the iPhonograph kit.

Can I use the iPhonograph kit with my iPod Touch or any other device?

As of now, it is untested on any other device except the iPhone.